Jul 26, 2018





New Posts
  • On June 13th, Director Gloria Greenfield presented the Los Angeles premier of the film UNMASKED- JUDEOPHOBIA, scored by Sharon. The film deals with the roots of anti-Semitism in the Christian and Islamic worlds and its effect on humanity. The moving and at times terrifying score accompanies the film and brings about an added dimension to this important and difficult issue. Ms. Greenfield has already asked Sharon to compose the music for her next film as well. www.unmaskedthemovie.com
  • Sharon's acclaimed piece, Translucent Rock, has been chosen to be performed by the Culver City Symphony Orchestra. The piece, commissioned by The Israeli Chamber Orchestra is originally written for chamber orchestra and was re- orchestrated for a full symphony orchestra by Sharon for the concert, which took place on 1/29/2011a. The historic concert was dedicated solely to Women Composers, many of them living and creating new music today.
  • Sharon's piece for Chamber Orchestra, "Translucent Rocks", which was originally commissioned and premiered by The Israeli Chamber Orchestra, have had its US premier on 5/27 at The Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles. Other works presented at the concert featured composers Ali Helnwein, Gernot Wolfganag, and Raven Kane. Conducted by David Campbell.