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#Piano #Soprano

Sharon Rostorf-Zamir, soprano
Hagai Yodan, piano


"Forever to remember" - "Ivowed seven decades ago. To remember my childhood home; my sghool-bench fellows; the synagogues; the lively, busy towns; the tunes of old; the anonymous heroes; jewish mothers; tenger children. Talks with myself. Talks with God." - Yaakov Barzilai

Internationally acclaimed soprano Sharon Rostorf-Zamir sings works based on poems by Yaakov Barzilai, a Holocuast survivor.


Israeli composers Ahron Harlap, Eugene Levitas, Stella Lerner and Israeli-American composer Sharon Farber have set a number of Barzilai's "Shoah" poems to music that is immeasurably touching and profoundly moving. Like Mahler's Kindertotenlieder. the musical works heard on this recording are emotionally engaging like no other musical works on the subject of personal loss.

Sharon Farber (b. 1968) 
1. Forever to Remember
2. Also the Ashes
3. I turned a Leaf

With Orit Orbach, clarinet; 
Evgenia Epshtein, violin & Raz Kohn , cello

4. Also the Ashes (read by the poet)
5. Until When? (read by the poet)

Eugene Levitas (b. 1972) 
6. Like an Imprisoned Bird
7. Oblivious
8. Jedwabne
9. Master of The Universe
10. Until When?

With Felix Nemirovsky, cello

11. My Father Will No Longer Bless The Bread
(read by the poet)

Ahron Harlap (b. 1941) 
12. Forever to Remember
13. Smell of Manure
14. Devil's Deed
15. My Father Will No Longer Bless The Bread

Stella Lerner (b. 1955)
16. Foreign Land

Ahron Harlap (b. 1941) 
17. The Yearnings Beggar
18. Pictures from the Private Collection of God
19. There Are No Stars in the Sky
20. Bad Mother
21. God's Stepdaughter

With Dudu Carmel, oboe

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